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(Johnny got his hands on a Dragon)

"Give me your soul" Johnny’s words echoed off the brick walls, the tortured and mangled body lifted from the floor mouth opened wide. The dragon Levais no longer in control of his spirit, begins to release his essence that transforms into a thin red and white smoke. A satisfied moan and coo from Alida mixes with the hiss and gags of Levais. 

"It’s yours master! Finally! The soul of a pure dragon!" Alida squeals as she clings to Johnny’s arm, smirking at the twitching and gagging body.

Fighting, Levias strains to maintain his very soul by resisting and pulling it back inside himself. Sensing his restraint, Johnny raises flames of hell around his wrist, burning and tearing at the flesh, weakening his will.

Feeling himself slip, Levais’s eyes shoot open and a loud roar of the dragon inside him calls out and rattles the room as his hair turns a bright white. His last effort to maintain his soul, but will anyone hear?

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