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Lyla’s POV:
Finally, alone and completely disconnected from my old world and life, no burdens or pressure, just peace and tranquility. The place isn’t much but it’s what you expect from a cabin in the woods, modern technology hadn’t touched and soiled it’s simplicity. Reading trough one of the many old books on the shelf I dusted and scanned the pages, my ears just starting to adjust to the quiet were interrupted by the soft beeps of the land line. I sighed walking to the phone only to be greeted by a deep husky tone that cleared his throat as the music in back died down, I rolled my eyes knowing who and what but decided to ask anyway. 

"Who is this?" 
'You've forgotten me already in just a short eight hours? I'm hurt.” 

"What do you want Jacobie?" I kept my voice as cold and calm as I possibly could. 
'Sorry, am I interrupting your hissy fit? What are you doing Lyla? Just come home and stop this.” 
"No, this isn’t a hissy fit, as you so lightly put it, I need a break, I just need a new start. And I don’t care if you don’t agree."  His chuckle caused me to shake my head and my lips tightened in a thin line. 
'You know what, be happy, I'm not chasing you across the god damn state anymore, you do this every time and I'm tired of it. You want to be away so bad? You want a 'new start' fine. I'm done! Don't go calling me when you realize the good you left.'  

the line clicked and I sighed staring at the phone, my anger boiled and I contemplated calling him back. But for what? To tell him he’s wrong? No, I’d prove it, I can get along just fine without him…I didn’t need him..I didn’t. 

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