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The plane ride had been a long one, even in the jet the hours ticked on relentlessly. Most of my time spent video chatting with Thomas, something I was more than thankful for in the situation or I would have lost my mind. The pilot had made it noted that we were landing and I took that moment to turn off the computer and gather up my things. Anxious was an understatement of what I felt, I hadn’t seen my parents since I came to the states, my brain running a million miles a minute before we landed. I stepped off the jet, my bag in hand as the car I’d be taking pulled up. The driver slid out, popping the trunk before hand as I tossed my stuff in the back and let out a deep breath. I knew better than anyone that I should have gone to the hotel, should have checked in and found my place to stay like I knew I needed to. Instead my brain took me to my parents, I drove over there, no stops, no thoughts just there like I had every other time when I lived home. My car pulled into the driveway, the lights on like I knew they would be, knowing they’d be getting ready for work now as they always had. I let out a deep breath, shutting off the car as I climbed out, shutting the car door quietly behind me. My heart was thumping so loudly I could hear it in my ears but it didn’t stop me any as I made my way up to the front door, the back of my knuckles knocking against it lightly as I stood there. 

I could see them before they opened the door, my eyes going to my fathers face as a look of disgust covered it while my mother turned to the side, clearly talking to him about something. I could see the swell in her stomach, it being more enough to tell me she was pregnant. It alone causing me to raise an eyebrow, they had said countless times as I grew up they’d be having no more kids, each time I brought up wanting a little brother or sister it went unanswered. Now she stood there in front of me, carrying a baby, half making me wonder if it was a replacement for the mistake they both knew they created, for me. My mother stepped forward first, pulling open the door as she leaned against the door frame, arm over her stomach, my eyes fell to my father next. "What are you doing here Lycann?" His voice was cold as he spoke to me, the disappointment showing clearly as my stomach churned. "I just… I wanted to see you guys.. I miss you and I-" my words were cut off by my fathers laughter as he shook his head, "What don’t you understand about disowned, boy? Do you have a hard time listening to me? When I told you to leave, what’d I say?" My eyes fell from him to my mother, a pleading in them, wanting her to stop it as she stood there rubbing her stomach. "What did I say Lycann!" His voice echoed out against the empty night air as I looked down at the ground, "You told me, if I walked out that door that I made that choice, to not come back."

"Exactly, so what are you doing here now? You think some time is going to make everything go away? You think we’re honestly going to act like that never happened just for you?" He snarled at me as my mother shook her head, "You should go Lycann, you’re not welcomed here." Her voice was light and I half hoped that tone meant it was a lie, that she was just doing this for my father, not that she would ever voice it. "No." My father cocked an eyebrow at my wording, "I suggest you go now, it won’t be said again nicely." His voice a growl before I repeated that same exact no. I was met with his arm, slamming against my throat as he slammed me back against the beam, a sharp inhale leaving my lips. I didn’t have time to respond before the thud of his fist meeting my eyebrow caused my entire body to go into a whirlwind as I looked at him. The warm liquid trailed down my face as I shook my head, "Leave Lycann." Each ‘No’ after that being greeted with another whack of his fist against my body. He knew I wouldn’t fight back, he knew I wouldn’t fight family, he also knew he was stronger than me, and used that in it’s own against me. I shook my head, my words not coming out the harder he pushed against my throat.

I could see the tears streak my mothers face as she held the bridge of her nose before walking back in the house, my fingers clawing at my fathers arm as he used my body for a punching bag, for an outlet for all I had done wrong for this family. He didn’t bother speaking again, instead he grabbed me by the back of my neck, flinging my body off the front porch as my face came in contact with the stone pathway that laid out in front of the stairs. “Don’t come back here, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t test that.” Those were the last words he spoke to me before I heard the door slam shut behind me. The burning sensation took over my eyes as I tried to fight the lump that sat in my throat while I pulled myself up off the ground. The physical pain that sat in me was nothing compared to the emotional pain that tore at my heart, ripping it from the place it sat. I could see my mother standing at the door before my father pulled her away as I climbed in the car. I drove off, not bothering to keep track of where I was going, not bothering to make note of my directions, I just wanted to drive, and that’s what I would do.

[I don’t normally post the RP’s I write, on here, but I wanted to give it a try. (/_\)]

I just..this hits home.. ;-; 

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